I have been a TA at UCLA as well as at IIT Bombay and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of conducting discussion sessions and clarifying concepts during office hours via solving insightful problems.


  • STATS 261/161 Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (instructor: Prof. Alyson Fletcher, Spring 2021)

  • ECE 141 Principles of Feedback Control (instructor: Prof. Paulo Tabuada, Spring 2018)

IIT Bombay

  • MA 105 Calculus (freshman undergraduate course, instructors: Prof. Niranjan Balachandran and Prof. Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian)

  • MA 207 Partial Differential Equations (sophomore undergraduate course, instructor: Prof. Swapnil Mahajan)

  • EE 210 Signals and Systems (sophomore undergraduate course, instructor: Prof. Preeti Rao)

  • EE 679 Speech Processing (graduate course, instructor: Prof. Preeti Rao)